pediatric dental tooth extraction services provided by Treasured Smiles in Maricopa, AZ

Tooth Extractions for Kids in Maricopa, AZ

If your child has sustained severe levels of damage or infection in their teeth, our team here at Treasured Smiles Children's Dentistry may recommend that their tooth be removed. We offer pediatric tooth extractions in Maricopa, Arizona, to help repair your child’s smile and prevent further damage from occurring. Contact Treasured Smiles Children's Dentistry today at 520-316-6111!

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

While our pediatric dentist and team make every effort to help keep your child’s teeth healthy, there may be some situations where removing the tooth is the best option. We may recommend extracting your child’s tooth if:

  • There is too much tooth decay to restore the tooth
  • The baby tooth is preventing the permanent teeth from erupting properly
  • The tooth needs to be pulled in preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • The tooth has sustained damage from trauma or severe infection

Patient-Centered Care

Our pediatric dentist and team are as gentle as possible when removing your child’s tooth. We want your child to feel comfortable in our office and make every effort to ensure that their tooth extraction is as painless as possible. We will numb the area with a local anesthetic and, if needed, gently loosen the tooth root from the surrounding gums and bone so that it can be safely and painlessly extracted.

Recovery from Extraction

Our pediatric dentist and team will provide you with instructions on the best way to care for your child after their tooth has been extracted. Our goal is to help them heal and recover as quickly as possible so that they can once again enjoy a healthy smile.

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